“Pow!” it’s Batman again.

RJ-Romain Jerome returns by enriching its Batman-DNA collection with a new collectible timepiece – the Batman-DNA Gotham City – to please fans and collectors.

In collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, the new limited edition pays tribute to the city and its strong aesthetics.

True to the original model, the Batman-DNA Gotham City timepiece is enhanced with the facetted bezel in black PVD-coated steel, reminiscent of the Batmobile. Each of the facets, either sand-blasted or polished, has been hand-finished and given RJ typical “rough” effect to mimic the roughness of Gotham City.

The bezel gives way to an all-black and sophisticated dial built on three layers. Thanks to a great 3D effect, Gotham City seems to be coming out of the dial. This striking perspective of Gotham City’s buildings is the result of a complex engraving process.

Batman sits on the top of the dial as if he is watching over Gotham City. The black sand-blasted applique with a polished and hand-chamfered outline conveys the power and strength of Batman, who dominates the scene and the entire timepiece.

At night, Gotham City comes alive thanks to a strong blue Superluminova, lighting up the hand-applied Batman applique and showcasing Gotham City’s different personalities

Inspired by The Dark Knight trilogy, the Batman-DNA Gotham City timepiece is limited to 75 pieces in honor of the iconic DC Comics Super Hero.

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